Thank you, thank you, thank you! Johnyee, you will be my Lash Diva forever, I love the beautiful eyelash extensions you did for me. Sara

I am so happy I found you to do my eyelash extensions. They have made my eyes stand out more and made my whole face appear more youthful. They look so real that I don’t have to tell anyone they are extensions if I don’t want to.  I don’t even feel like I need my Botox anymore. You are the best!  Claire

For anyone thinking about eyelash extensions, you have to go to Johnyee, she is The Lash Diva! She is an artist and creates the prettiest eyelash extensions I have seen. My kids keep me on my toes and I have hardly any time to primp with makeup, now that I have extensions I just throw my hair in a pony tail and put on some lip gloss and I am good to go. It makes my routine so much easier and I still get to feel pretty.  I highly recommend Johnyee to everyone.  Lauren

My favorite part of eyelash extensions is never having to wear mascara again.  Johnyee has done my lashes for years now and I can’t imagine not having them.  Lisa

I received extensions from someone else in town and just didn’t feel like they looked like they should.  After chatting with the owner of the old salon I got them from and was told “they were supposed to look like that”, I decided to check into it online. This is when I found Johnyee.  To make a long story short, I had to get the old extensions removed and start over.  At first I was upset, but after I saw the lashes Johnyee created for me I understood. There was no comparison. The new lashes are stunning and look so real. The old ones had little clumps that looked like old mascara and the new ones have no clumps and just look great.  She truly cares about each client and wants to make the best lashes for them all. Don’t waste your time going anywhere else, just go see Johnyee and she will make you happy.  Kay